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What is Harvard-Epworth all about?

We are a welcoming and inclusive church inviting people to explore the journey of faith. Our focus is on joyful worship, building community, encouraging faith exploration, passionate social justice and committed outreach.

Harvard-Epworth is a member of the Reconciling Ministries Network and welcomes all people, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, ability, marital status or financial condition.

Harvard-Epworth’s 2020 Annual Report available here.

A Message from Sarah Harbaugh

Hello from Sarah,

On Sunday afternoon, many of us shared in celebrating and sending off Herb, Sarah, and Dom. Amid the gleeful noise of children at the playground and the upbeat marches of a nearby pep band, Harvard-Epworth family and friends met on the Cambridge Common for lunch and a program of talented speakers and musicians that lifted up the gifts, ministries, and memories that Herb, Sarah and Dom have offered our church over the past few years. 

We spent a couple hours together, describing our depth of affection and appreciation for these three wonderful people in a variety of ways. Anecdotes, blessings, poems, songs, and limericks delighted and stirred our hearts. I was touched as I heard stories from the past describing notable quirks and meaningful moments that had a lasting impact on this community of faith. In the shade of the trees, this community’s love for Herb, Sarah, and Dom was evident in the smiles, tears, and laughter we shared. 

In the days following the celebration, I continue to feel both thankful and sorrowful for the short time I had in ministry with Herb, Dom, and Sarah. As a relative newcomer to Harvard-Epworth, I imagine many of you feel this way and much more. This is an excerpt from “A Liturgy for Leavings” found in Every Moment Holy by Douglas McKelvey. I hope this liturgy will offer some comfort as we reflect on the deep bond we have come to share with Herb, Sarah, and Dom in Christ.  

Even in our goodbyes there is a blessing, 

for the sorrow of parting is a measure of 

the depth of the bond we have come to 

share in Christ. 

Thank you, O God, that we do not walk this 

road alone, but that this journey toward 

eternity and toward your heart has been, 

from the beginning, one that you ordained 

we should undertake in the glad and good 

company of your fellow pilgrims. 

Peace and blessings,

Sarah Harbaugh

[Note: If you weren’t able to attend the farewell celebration on Sunday, you can watch a recording of the program on our YouTube channel here.]