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What is Harvard-Epworth all about?

We are a welcoming and inclusive church inviting people to explore the journey of faith. Our focus is on joyful worship, building community, encouraging faith exploration, passionate social justice and committed outreach.

Harvard-Epworth is a member of the Reconciling Ministries Network and welcomes all people, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, ability, marital status or financial condition.

Harvard-Epworth’s 2020 Annual Report available here.

A Message from Dominic Mejia

                        Email Newsletter letter March 4, 2021

Hello from Herb,

Happy March!  Filled with the hope for Spring to come, I am excited to share the way our church shares hope and love and care with so many through its support of many organizations and initiatives that go beyond our ministry.  These efforts are highlighted in our “Benevolence Booklet,” which has just been completed for 2020. This booklet, as is shared in its introduction, “speaks to personal connections that we have with individuals outside our church who are strongly committed to finding concrete ways of ameliorating the multi-faceted burdens that weigh on our needy brothers and sister.”

    I encourage you to read the Benevolence Booklet for the year 2020 by clicking HERE.  It is a testament to the generosity of all those who give financially to our church that $46,107 was able to given away to others.  It is a celebration of the commitment of Harvard-Epworth’s ministry to go above and beyond what we do within our church and doesn’t include all the hours that our church members put in assisting these organizations and more.

    Our direct benevolent gifts this past year went to support 31 different organizations (18 local, 9 out of state, and 6 outside the U.S.).  This includes groups helping to address issues like homelessness, hunger, domestic violence, employment help, LGBTQ advocacy, prison ministry, immigration rights, education, peace, and more.  Also, on the last page of the Benevolence Booklet we share how through the United Methodist church our giving combines with the giving of other United Methodist churches throughout the world to make a significant difference on systemic issues which impact millions of people.  We also give significant funds through the Discretionary Fund which our church members support to enable our ability to respond to the needy who come to our church seeking help.  In addition, we respond to need across the world through supporting the United Methodist Committee on Relief and many other special offerings.

    Thanks to the Mission, Outreach and Social Justice Committee, chaired by Mark Fitzgerald, who scrutinize and research these organizations and initiatives before making these determinations.  A special thanks also goes to Bonnie Okun who helps compile this Booklet.  Lastly, we give great thanks for all the ways that your generous giving empowers these gifts that mean so much to so many.  

Grace and peace,