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A Message from Rev. Barbara Lemmel

Dear Friends of Harvard-Epworth,

For better or for worse, I’m still skulking about a bit on Facebook.  That probably makes me demographically irrelevant to current Harvard students, who are several social-media-generations removed from Zuckerberg’s creation. But it does keep me in touch with with my fellow upper-middle-aged clergy friends (and non-clergy friends) who also still skulk about FB.

Last week on Facebook I forwarded a meme going around: a photograph of a page of a book called “Untamed” by Glennon Doyle. By the comments and the re-posts, it seemed to strike not a nerve but a heart string for a lot of thoughtful Christians.  Doyle’s pained, eloquent words echo many Christians’ unease at how the Good News of Jesus has been hijacked by voices of intolerance, hatred, and fear.

I invite you to take a quick read of the page below.  How do Ms. Doyle’s words strike you? And more important, what are some ways that the people of Harvard-Epworth Church, and other faithful people of good will, live in such a way that together we can “illuminate a revolutionary idea powerful enough to heal and free humanity now”?

Something to think/pray about.


Pastor Mitch